Stockist and Suppliers of Fasteners in Dubai, UAE

Tech Hard Oilfield Supplies Fze, Dubai, UAE is a leading stockist, supplier and distributor of Fasteners and Gaskets that suit all industry requirements. Fasteners and Gaskets of Carbon and Alloy Steel, GI, Stainless Steel, Super Alloy & Duplex Steel and Non-Ferrous materials in different sizes, materials and grades. We also supply specially designed bolts and screws meeting clients demand for critical applications in hostile environments.

Our distribution range of Gaskets comprises of Ring Joint gasket, Spiral Wound gasket, Kammprofile gaskets, Precision engineered gaskets, Soft Cut gasket, Flange Insulation kit and Jacketed gasket. 

Our Fasteners and Gaskets have optimal strength and are plated with abrasion resistant material. We have stock of different types of Gaskets, bolts, nuts, screws and washers in Dubai, UAE.

Our Products

We have assorted fasteners, washers, bolt-insulating sleeves, and a wide collection of gaskets and pressure-sealing products. All gaskets and fasteners that we offer come with NACE, and all grade are of the ASTM standards. Our main available products include:

  • Anchor Bolts, Stud Bolts and Nuts
  • Engineer Studs
  • Eye Bolts
  • Hexagon Bolts and Nuts
  • Hexagon Nylon Nuts
  • Hexagon Plugs
  • Slotted Machine Screws
  • Socket Cap Screws
  • Socket Countersunk Screws
  • U-Bolts Studs
  • Washers
Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Super Alloys
A193 B7, B7M, B16 A193/A320 B8, B8 Cl2, B8M, B8M Cl2 A453 660A/B/C
A320 L7, L7M, L43 A193/A320 B8T, B8T Cl2, B8C, B8C Cl2 A182 F51, F55
DIN 4.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 AISI 304, 316, 321 UNS 32760 FG / FLT
ASTM A36, A307, A325 Monel* 400, Monel* K500
Hastelloy* C22, C276, B3
A194 2H, 2HM, GR.4, GR.7,GR. 7M, GR.3, GR. 5 A194 Gr.8, Gr.8A, Gr.8M, Gr.8MA Titanium GR.2, GR.5, GR.7
DIN Cl 8, 10, 12 A194 Gr.8T, Gr. 8C Nickel 200, 201
AISI 304, 316, 321 Zirconium
Carpenter 20*
Inconel* 625, 825, 925
NES862 all parts (level 1)
Cu/Ni, 90/10, 70/30
Aluminum Bronze

Our products are generally used in almost all the major industries. We serve major local and international clients, including drilling contractors, offshore and marine engineering companies, and shipyards, as well as several other industrial portfolios of diverse industrial sectors. We predominantly exist to cater to the demands of the upstream and downstream Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Marine, Power, Pipeline, Desalination, Water and Utility, Shipbuilding and Heavy Industrial industries. 

Packing and Dispatch

Products are well packaged to ensure that there is no damage during transit. In case of exports, standard export packaging as per industry standards is followed.

Quality Assurance

At Tech Hard Oilfield Supplies FZE, all fittings are subject to strict inspection at each stage of the production process, starting from ensuring the use of high-quality raw materials to product dispatch. They are visually examined for conformity to international standards. Upon request, official certified Inspection Agencies can be called in to witness the material reports, dimensions and quality conformity of products.