Stockist, Suppliers and Distributors of High-Quality Fire Fighting Products in Dubai, UAE

Tech Hard Oilfield Supplies FZE is a leading stockist, supplier and distributor of all types of fire safety products certified by standard organizations to enhance the overall safety.

TechHard Oilfield Supplies FZE is one of the renowned exporters, service providers and traders of high performing range of fire protection equipment including Fire Extinguishers, Foam System, Bladder Tank, Fire Hydrant, Hoses, Reels, Valves, Risers, Cabinets, Sprinklers, and Nozzles across Dubai, Middle East, GCC and African markets.

Tech Hard main stream Fire Fighting Products and Safety Equipments

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blanket
  • Fire Truck
  • Fire Ambulance
  • Firemen Suit
  • Foam System and Equipment
  • Foam Bladder Tank
  • Foam Concentrate
  • Foam Hardware and Equipment
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Fire Protection System – Water / Gas / Foam / Powder / Wet Chemical Based System
    Hoses and Accessories
  • Pre-Engineered Foam System
  • Pump – Electric + Diesel + Jockey
  • Reels and Cabinets
  • Sprinklers / Nozzles
  • Valves and Risers

Fire Extinguishers

At Tech Hard Oilfield Supplies FZE, we deal in fire extinguishers specially designed for office, house, factories, hotels and public places. We have a full range of Portable Extinguishers, Mobile Trolley Extinguishers and Automatic type Extinguishers. All our fire extinguisher has been designed to perform effectively and efficiently in case of an emergency.

Fire Blanket

A fire blanket is a safety product which is made up of fire-resistant materials. It is used to extinguish small fires like burning cooking oil, waste bin fires and other related fires which can be wrapped quickly before the fire starts to spread and cause damage. We supply Fire Blankets which will be suitable to use in industries such as factories, hospitals, caravans, schools, hotels, laboratories etc.

Fire Trucks

Our fire fighting trucks and vehicles are suitable for combating fires in airports, domestic and commercial buildings and more.

Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants are the main source of water in case of fire breakout. Hydrant is the exterior component that has valves that connect to the hose to supply water. Hydrants are most often connected with water source with high pressure; hence, it is important that hydrants are made of high-quality materials. We supply the best quality fire hydrants products tested to meet all internal standards. Each hydrant is tested as per requisite certification parameters.

Why to Choose Tech Hard

We are the leading exporter, stockist and distributor of Fire Fighting Equipment in UAE, Middle East, GCC and Africa. We serve major local and international clients, including Fabricators, drilling contractors, offshore and marine engineering companies, and shipyards, as well as several other industrial portfolios of diverse industrial sectors.