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Tech Hard Oilfield Supplies FZE is a leading stockist, supplier and distributor of all types of flow meters to measure flow rate including: Coriolis Flow Meters, Mass Flow Meters, Positive Displacement Meters, Turbine Meters and Ultrasonic Meters.

Our Products

Coriolis Flow Meter

Mass flow meters are a good choice when a non-intrusive meter is required. These meters directly measure the mass flow of liquids and gasses. Although their cost is higher than other meters of similar line sizes, there are no moving parts in the meter which keeps maintenance costs down. The Coriolis mass flow meter identifies flow rate by directly measuring mass flow and density of fluids over a wide range of process temperatures with a high degree of accuracy.

These meters also provide additional measurements such as density, temperature, and volumetric flow. They are able to measure difficult fluids such as corrosives, slurries and sludges. In addition, the food and beverage industries take advantage of the density measurement to monitor liquid concentrations such as sugar.

Positive Displacement Meters

A positive displacement meter is often used for higher viscosity fluids;however, liquids with water like viscosity are also suitable for measurement. Positive displacement meters can be provided with mechanical registers to be used in areas where electric power is not available or not desired.

Turbine Flow Meters

To measure clean liquids like water or liquids with viscosity close to water, turbine meters are often used because they are relatively inexpensive in smaller sizes, produce a low pressure drop, and can handle minor particulate matter. Some turbine meters can be provided with mechanical gearing and registers to show flow rate and total and also with pulse and analog output signals for recording and control purposes.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

For fluids with higher viscosity than water, magnetic and ultrasonic meters are popular choices because they are immune to viscosity changes. Since these meters do not have internal parts which can disrupt the flow, they also produce very small pressure drops. As a result, they can handle fluids with debris and particulate such as wastewater and cement or pulp slurries.

Transit Time ultrasonic flow meters are used to measure clean fluids. The meters require two sensors, one upstream and one downstream. An ultrasonic wave is sent through the fluid from one transducer to the other and the travel time of the wave is electronically measured. Another wave is then sent from the second transducer to the first and its travel time is also measured.

The difference in travel time between the opposing waves is proportional to the fluid velocity. An electronic converter uses the difference to calculate a flow rate.

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We are the leading exporter, stockist and distributor of flow meters in UAE, Middle East, GCC and Africa. We serve major local and international clients, including Fabricators, drilling contractors, offshore and marine engineering companies, and shipyards, as well as several other industrial portfolios of diverse industrial sectors.