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TechHard Oilfield Supplies Fze is recognized globally as a premium supplier of Top Loading Arms, Bottom Loading Arms and Marine Loading Arms. Our Loading Arm products are designed to the highest industry standards. We have vast experience in providing solutions to the correct fluid handling. We provide solutions for loading and unloading vessels, tank trucks, rail cars, ISOtainers and other containers.

We supply bulk fluid transfer packages including: industrial flow meter and pumps, tanker loading and unloading arms and marine arms. The loading arm is most suited for the loading of road or rail tankers using the manhole. The loading arm has a long reach and is suitable for applications where the manhole cannot be accurately positioned. Because of the robust and high-quality design of the swivel joints and the precise loading arm balancing, handling of the loading arm is very easy.

Our Loading Arm Products

Top Loading Arms

Top loading is still the most widely used method of filling tankers around the world. Some instances exist where liquids, mainly fuels, have been transferred to bottom loading, but this is largely through legislation and global agreements. Top loading assumes the transport vessel is a simple barrel on wheels with a manhole in the top and a valve at the bottom. In almost all cases, the tanker has no built-in high-level detection or vapor return facilities.

Bottom Loading Arms

There is also an option to use specially developed bottom loading arms (the types include Bottom Loading Chemical Arms, Fuel Arms, and LPG Vapor Recovery Arms), designed due to the increasing global perception that bottom loading is safer. The reason for this is that there is no need for an operator to stand on top in that case. It is estimated that in a few years many global tanker operations will be done at the ground level. Depending on the nature of the liquid, and whether or not they are considered dangerous, there still might be a need for a top vent in which case safe tanker access systems will be needed.

Marine Loading Arms

Marine Loading Arm is preferred when loading / unloading almost any liquid and compressed gas product from river barges, ships and ocean-going super tankers. Marine Loader has proven its success over many years of loading and unloading tanker ships with fluids such as crude oil, chemicals, and liquid gas.

At TechHard we have our Sales Engineers to understand the requirements of our clients; we maintain ready stock and also offer short delivery for project requirements.We are the leading exporter, stockist and distributor of Loading Arms in UAE, Middle East, GCC and Africa. We serve major local and international clients, including Fabricators, drilling contractors, offshore and marine engineering companies, and shipyards, as well as several other industrial portfolios of diverse industrial sectors.