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Our Tank Fitting Products

Flame Arrestor

Flame Arrester is a safety device that has a flame barrier with a large number of defined passage gaps, whose gap cross section is set with regard to the properties of the flowing gas, is cooled effectively and secured against a flame flashback in the case of continuous combustion. They are typically mounted to a flange on top of tanks or in line with pipe which connects the vapor space of a storage tank or a pipeline.

The flame quenching element is designed to be three or four times the area of the pipe in which it is installed, and is assembled between two flanged reducing spools. The element comprises a tightly rolled scroll or scrolls of crimped stainless steel ribbon to form passages through which the vapour passes. The area of each passage determines level of protection that the element provides. Our Flame Arrester has a Maximum Experimental Safe Gap as per standard, and is suitable for gas groups IIB and IIA.

Kind of Flame Arrestor: 

1. Deflagration Type: Designed to prevent the transmission of explosion propagating at subsonic velocity.

2. Detonation Type: Designed to prevent the transmission of explosion propagating at supersonic velocity. (with shock wave)

Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves (Breather Valve)

Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve provides protection to bulk storage tanks and vessels from over and under pressurization. The valves are mounted on the tank roof flange or a vent pipe from the vapour space. In the closed position the pressure relief pallet and diaphragm assembly is held tightly against a seal to prevent the loss of vapour to atmosphere. As the internal pressure in the tank increases, due to product filling and vapour development, the pressure in tank increases and in the event that the set pressure of the unit is reached, the diaphragm will open and discharge the gas to atmosphere. The opening set-point is selectable from a range +2.0 mbar and +60 mbar. (+0.8 inch W.C and +24 inch W.C) for weight loaded type model & between +61 mbar and +1000 mbar (+24 inch W.C. and 400 inch W.C.) for spring loaded type model, and the valve will reseal when the tank returns to a safe pressure.

The vacuum pallet and diaphragm assembly is similarly maintained in the closed position. As the internal pressure in the tank reduces, due to emptying, the balance between the tank pressure and the external atmospheric pressure changes, and when the set pressure of the unit is reached, the diaphragm opens to admit air and rebalance the internal pressure. The vacuum set-point is selectable from a range range +2.0 mbar and +60 mbar. (+0.8 inch W.C and +24 inch W.C) for weight loaded type model & between +61 mbar and +1000 mbar (+24 inch W.C. and 400 inch W.C.) for spring loaded type model.The valve will reseal when the tank returns to a safe pressure.

Types of Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves:

1. Weight Loaded Type

2. Spring Loaded Type

3. Pilot Operated Type

4. Pressure Only Relief Valve

5. Vacuum Only Relief Valve

Emergency Pressure Relief Vent

Emergency Relief Vent is a safety device that operates during the emergency moments when regular pressure vacuum vents cannot function. ERV protects the tank against the incidents of rupture or internal pressures that are caused by fire exposure and so forth.

They also provide easy access into the tank. They are typically mounted to a flange, which connects the vapor space of a storage tank. Vents can be set to your specifications so that the housings open when specific pressure and vacuum levels are reached.

Types of Emergency Pressure Relief Valves:

1. Weight loaded Hinged Type

2. Spring loaded Type

Gauge Hatch

Gauge hatches is used to provide access for storage tanks. When closed, it assures a vapor tight seal that prevents leakage and evaporation loss. It is designed for easy installation, inspection and maintenance providing trouble free operation. Its non-sparking design provides easy access for gauging, sampling, temperature measurement or inspection. It comes with Foot pedal which helps you to open the cover without using your hands, and it’s has a lockable cover.

Thief Hatch

Thief Hatch offers protection against pressure and vacuum. Within the cover are a static pressure seal, and a spring-loaded vacuum pallet and diaphragm assembly. The pressure and vacuum settings can be selected from a standard list. As excessive pressure builds up in the storage tank or vessel the hinged hatch cover lifts, breaking the seal and allowing excess pressure to dissipate into the atmosphere. It closes under gravity when the pressure has returned to normal. If the tank is subjected to negative pressure, the vacuum pallet and diaphragm assembly opens and allows air to be drawn into the vessel. The diaphragm closes when a positive pressure is established. The unit must be installed on a flange at the top of the tank in the horizontal plane. It is possible to access the tank for gauging and sampling by fully opening the hatch.

Capped Type Free Vent

Capped Free Vent is installed in low-pressure atmospheric storage tanks that contain non-vaporising products. It allows the unrestricted movement of air in and out of the vessel and prevents damage due to over or under pressurisation. The vent should be installed on the tank roof flange located at a high point on the tank, and is supplied with an earth point, copper tag and cable.

A cap and screen protects the vent and restricts dust, wind, rain, or insects from entering degrading the product. No routine maintenance is required to ensure continuous and effective operation.

Goose Neck Type Free Vent

Free Vent is designed for use on tanks containing non-volatile liquids. It helps air and vapors to travel freely in and out of storage tanks, and also offers efficient flow capacity to vent against outside factors, such as dust, wind, rain, and insects. They are typically mounted to a flange or pipe, which connects the vapor space of a storage tank. It is the most economical type of free vent, which is generally used on non-evaporating liquid storage tanks. It Allow efficient flow capacity to prevent the built up extreme internal (positive or negative) pressure by allowing atmospheres and vapors to flow freely in and out of tanks.

Mechanical Tank Level Indicators

MLI is a simple and durable mechanical leveling system that can be used for almost any kind of liquids. This type of level gauging system is easy to use and does not require special knowledge to meter the liquid. It can be installed on above ground and underground storage tanks. We also provides limit switches to actuate high and low level alarms and other signaling functions.


1. Low cost and economical choice for liquid leveling.

2. Easy to use. Visible numbers on the panel helps you to read the level.

3. Can be applied on almost all kind of applications.

Roof Drain System

Roof Drain System – Model 800 is especially applicable to external floating roof storage tanks in order to drain the rain water. The drain systems are comprising of steel pipes with swivel joints, designed to withstand the forces to which it may be subjected under all operating regimes. The system usually incorporates heavy duty swivel joints but several alternatives are available to suit client preference.

The drain system is available in 3”, 4”, 6” & 8” N.B. Diameter Systems. The system is supplied with full detailed drawings and installation instructions and With the correct material selection, it is suitable for all kinds of stored products.

Type of Roof Drain System:

1. Articulated Type

2. Flexible Hose Type

Swing Joint & Accessories

Swivel Joints comes with a design that includes sophisticated construction suitable for a wide range of applications. Swivel joints are the important part of the tank internal equipment and used for execute swiveling movements or slow rotary movements at the same time. It is designed for especially storage tank internal equipment such as floating suction units, drain systems, and oil skimmers; however, the different model is available for various applications. We have swivel joint in carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum material. Sizes are ranging from 2” to 40” usually sealed with PTFE but can be modified as per the application and stored product type.

FRP / PVC Vents and Hatches

Fiberglass valves have same working principles as their counterparts manufactured in manufactured in metal body. This type of valve is generally used where highly corrosive and toxic liquids are being stored . This valve usually come with superior performing TEFLON seating diaphragms are which minimize sticking caused by resinous vapours and atmospheric moisture. These valves also have a self-draining arrangement and drip rings to protect seating surfaces from condensate and freezing.

Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG)

The purpose of Tank Gauging is for liquid measurement of the large storage tank for determining the product volume. Tank Gauging assures as for accurate level, temperature, and pressure measurements for inventory control, oil movement and overfill prevention, securing efficient operations.

It is essential for day-to-day operations to ensure that each storage tank is working within safe working limits and that tank capacity is being fully utilized. the Tank gauging system are optimized to provide high performance to ensure that the operator is kept in touch with tank movements.

Tank Blanketing

This system comprises of N2 Blanket gas controller valves which helps gas pressure to maintain in constant state in the vapor space of storage Tanks. When liquid run out from storage vessel or vacuum state take place because of temperature dropping, this valve has a ability of control desired pressure within the fixed limits.Besides above subjects, prevents air and humidity from entering into storage vessel, so it can preserve products.The main purpose of using this valve is to protect it from explosion by restricting spark and also prevents the outflow of fluid by evaporation.

Insulation Jacket / Cover

Un-insulated valves cause energy loses, reducing energy loses to the minimum level by using jackets Insulation.It is generally used to provide heat retention for equipment in cold is a simple and smart solution for preventing heat losses around the valves at hot or cold liquid transporting pipelines.

Un-insulated valves cause energy loses, reducing energy loses to the minimum level by using valve jackets helps to reduce operation costs. Easily removable valve jackets make the maintenance easier.

Vapour Recovery System

A vapour recovery system helps to collect petrol vapour released during unloading and refueling back to the petrol tanker and underground storage tank, respectively.

The vapor recovery procedure involves the following steps: The rotary screw gas compressor sucks liquid molecules into the scrubber. The scrubber removes the water vapor, debris, and unwanted fluids from the tank. The recovered vapor is pumped into gas lines while the trapped liquids are channeled to the pipelines.