QHSE Policy

Our actions in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. The goal of our Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) policy is to actively contribute to the performance and sustainability of Soitec, based on principles of ongoing improvement and sustainable development.

At Tech Hard, we:

  • Are committed to providing industry-standard products and services that meets and even exceeds the quality requirements and specifications of our clients
  • Strive to improve our quality management system continuously in line with recent innovations and trends
  • Ensure that all our employees enjoy safe and healthy work conditions, as well as adopt safe work practices that keep them protected from hazards and pollution
  • Are committed to ensuring that all our operations comply with industry best practices and standards, including safeguarding our assets from loss or mutilation
  • Ensure that our efficient operations are matched with the right attention to the environment, protecting the environment from any form of damage after project completion
  • We are committed to moving towards alignment and implementation of an Integrated Management System (IMS) comprising of ISO-OHSAS-EMS combination in the near future
Quality Health Img