With our expertise in Oil and Gas engineering services, our collaborative engineering service capabilities cover:

  • Testing of valves
  • Repair and machining
  • Mounting a full range of valve actuators, from gear operators to sophisticated motor, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators
  • Conversion of Valve end connection
  • Valve stem extension & modification
  • Conversion from hand wheel to gearbox/ actuator
  • Conversion from soft seat to metal seat
  • Installation of special seals and gaskets (conversions of seats to peek, bronze filled PTFE, carbon graphite etc.)
  • Conversion of bolted bonnet to welded bonnet
  • Painting of valves & other components
  • Fabrication & other welding activities
  • Onsite repair facilities
  • Machining of Fittings & Flanges
  • Cutting, Threading, Beveling & Grooving of Pipes
  • Gas Leak Repair Solutions